“Corporate Social Responsibility is a self-regulating business model that helps a company be socially accountable – to itself, its stakeholders, and to the public. It is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development”

Is your company striving to operate in a “more sustainable way”? 

Are you a leader in sustainability and social impact? 

If so,  than you have probably seen at least one of these challenges:

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Why do we see the investment in social impact by companies?

The world is continually changing, it always has been. However, it’s never been evolving at such a rapid pace as it is now. The technology we use and enjoy connects billions. The transparency of social media impacts how and where the average person gets their information. The channels and mediums of yesterday will not be that of tomorrow. These aspects have always dictated brand marketing, positioning, and communications to their customers. There are many ways that social impact initiatives benefit brands. Not only can it increase revenue but also act as support to build brand value and spur social change. i.e., A restaurant, bar or coffee shop that stops supplying plastic straws and single-use cutlery is sending a message to its clientele about re-use and sustainability.

A brand that produces eco-friendly or biodegradable products is solving a problem for conscious customers, enabling a zero-waste lifestyle for customers.

What’s more, ignoring social impact comes with costs – having a poor reputation for social and environmental impact can damage the profitability and success of an organization.

Social impact and operating in a “more sustainable way” in practice connects to all parts of a company, its operations, people management and brand marketing.

Various initiatives might include:

This is where a local impact strategy can make all the difference. It refines the organization’s vision and employee value proposition. It focuses on what connection points matter to the specific market customer and creates a compelling offer based on the emotional, mental, physical, social and economic needs and wants of your customer.


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about angela Ortiz

Angela Ortiz is a dynamic and authentic social impact professional with 9+ years experience across business sectors and cultures. She is an in demand public speaker and has recently published a book on leadership in social impact. 

She founded and leads a community building nonprofit Place To Grow, established in the aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear meltdown.

In addition, she has 6+ years in Corporate Social Responsibility, leading initiatives with various global companies like the fashion retailer H&M and the iconic sports brand, adidas. 


What are people saying about this book?

This gem of a book is beautiful combination of one part political philosophy (the power of the individual), one part community activism (rebuilding in disaster-affected Tohoku), and one part NGO social impact practitioner insights. The author invites the reader to consider 8 principles for effective leadership by calling upon personal experience, engaging grassroots storytelling, and thoughtful reflection on the role of volunteerism and activism in contemporary times. Moving well beyond trite essentialist views of Japanese society, the author mobilizes her in-depth embeddedness in Japanese culture with her capacity to bring insider-outsider positioning to provide “glocal” solutions that are principled, culturally agile and effective for those in need. Failing forward with humility and working with collaborators on all sides, the strategies shared positioned Place to Grow as a pivotal space of inclusion, togetherness, and empowerment for the volunteers, just as much as for the individuals rebuilding their communities in Tohoku. A call to action to get involved and implicate oneself in the freedom of others (and ultimately oneself) through volunteering, activism, and other forms of democratic community caregiving, whatever might be meaningful to each of us. The point is that it is a pursuit worth starting NOW. Indeed, the first principle sums up the book’s most important takeaway beautifully: “You matter when you choose to.”

Dr. Jackie F. Steele (PhD, University of Ottawa) is a trilingual political scientist and longtime (1997) Japan resident with expertise in diversity integration, women’s empowerment, and inclusive decision-making. 


“Angela is a selfless leader and visionary who’s professional and volunteer work have had a massive impact on the lives of thousands. Working alongside her organization, Place to Grow, was the single best decision we—SOGO Fitness—made in 2019. The opportunity to aid in the health and healing of a community so devastated by the events of 3/11 was transformative. It was also an apt reminder that caring for others is most effective after we’ve cared for ourselves.”

Menya Hinga, 

Founder and owner MH Coaching | Co founder SOGO fitness

“Angela’s dedication and leadership are second to none. Her role in the recovery of the Tohoku region continues to impact the lives of countless individuals and her ability to motivate and inspire others is admirable. As Social Innovation Japan, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Angela through several strategic collaborations, and we’re fortunate to have such a strong ally in Angela and her team. Her reflections, intertwined with her remarkable story, will leave you with a deeper understanding of how to make an impact, both today and for years to come.”

Co-founder @ mymizu | Co-founder @ Social Innovation Japan | Consultant @ World Bank | Social Impact, Disasters, Climate, Humanitarian Aid, Storytelling Japan


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