How to get your Social Impact dream career in 8 weeks even if you don’t have a degree in sustainability and still have a day job.


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Angela Ortiz is a dynamic and authentic business coach. A multicultural professional, author, an in demand public speaker, Fitness enthusiast, Spartan athlete & entrepreneur.

She loves to help women OWN their life, career and future. Her personal tagline “Fail Forward with Elegance” expresses her authentic self-taught lifestyle and attitude.

What is Stratechist?


Stratechist, a course and mastermind platform, aims to embolden multicultural female entrepreneurs with strategies and techniques to build their own business empire to enable an authentic, self-directed lifestyle on their own terms.

“No matter when you start, start something that matters” - Brendan Burchard


For many years I let not wanting to disappoint others and the fear of failing stop me from living my best life.  I was scared that because I didn’t have the credentials and no roadmap I was doomed to failure. 

It literally took a natural disaster to pull me out of fear and force me to choose self empowerment. The result was that over the subsequent 9+ years, I gained the skills and expertise to become a leader in the field of corporate and social impact and environmental sustainability. 

Along the way I learned that failure is not the opposite of success but PART of success, and I made 1000+ mistakes that taught me how to maintain a feedback loop to inform my growth and allow me to succeed in both the corporate and entrepreneurial spaces.

You don’t need to be confused, or overwhelmed when starting out. 

I’m passionate about helping aspiring social impact leaders, cut through confusion and lean into overwhelming. It all starts in your mind and with your perspective. 

In this course and over these 8 weeks you will learn what took me 9 years of GRIT training and failing forward to study, understand, experience and finally compile. 

Once you gain the mindset, strategies and the techniques that I used, you too can become a CSR professional, a public speaker and thought leader in social impact. 

And OMG if you are interested in this, let me help you because the world needs many many more social impact leaders! 

LET’S Pivot now and begin your journey into this hopeful, complex but ultimately massively rewarding field. 

In this course “CSR Career Roadmap” for the aspiring CSR professional,  you will get access to the social impact leadership framework –  8 principles that will give you the biz muscles to succeed. These are things I did to leverage my experience in non profit into the corporate walls of international business.

“Do one thing everyday that scares you" - Eleanor Roosevelt

Angela Ortiz


“Across the world, across the globe, I want to meet with multicultural women. Women who seek to span borders, cultures, and labels. Women who strive for self-definition & self-empowerment. Women not afraid to OWN their life and who want to create a life on their terms.
Women who can forge new paths, Inspire Action and Bring People Together!
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– A mastermind and course creation platform to give you strategies and techniques for success in launching and leading your business empire

  • How to market your brand authentically
  • How to find and hone your perfect niche
  • How to monetize
  • How to develop your ideal client
  • How to build lifelong relations with those clients


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"Failure is not the opposite of success, its a part of it" - Trent Sheldon


“Angela is a selfless leader and visionary who’s professional and volunteer work have had a massive impact on the lives of thousands. Working alongside her organization, Place to Grow, was the single best decision we—SOGO Fitness—made in 2019. The opportunity to aid in the health and healing of a community so devastated by the events of 3/11 was transformative. It was also an apt reminder that caring for others is most effective after we’ve cared for ourselves.”

Menya Hinga, 

Founder and owner MH Coaching | Co founder SOGO fitness

“Angela’s dedication and leadership are second to none. Her role in the recovery of the Tohoku region continues to impact the lives of countless individuals and her ability to motivate and inspire others is admirable. As Social Innovation Japan, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Angela through several strategic collaborations, and we’re fortunate to have such a strong ally in Angela and her team. Her reflections, intertwined with her remarkable story, will leave you with a deeper understanding of how to make an impact, both today and for years to come.”

Co-founder @ mymizu | Co-founder @ Social Innovation Japan | Consultant @ World Bank | Social Impact, Disasters, Climate, Humanitarian Aid, Storytelling Japan

“Protect your Confidence” - Angela Ortiz


Once upon a time, I was a 20 year old single mom with no idea how I would realize my dream of being a successful business woman. I wanted to go places and make an impact, I wanted to “Change My Stars” but I felt powerless.

Confusion and insecurity were my constant companions. 

Fast forward 18 years and not only have I discovered my niche, kicked ass as a parent, become an in demand public speaker and published author. I’ve also failed forward a million times and have had to get back up and learn from my mistakes. It’s the summary of those learnings I am putting into this 8 week course “CSR Career Roadmap” so you can leapfrog a career as a Corporate & social impact leader. Learn more…

Built on 10 years experience across sectors, industries and countries to design programs, measure impact, activate employees and build long term partnerships.


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“You know you are meant for more, so hold the space for you to figure it out” - unknown

What are people saying about this book?

This gem of a book is beautiful combination of one part political philosophy (the power of the individual), one part community activism (rebuilding in disaster-affected Tohoku), and one part NGO social impact practitioner insights. The author invites the reader to consider 8 principles for effective leadership by calling upon personal experience, engaging grassroots storytelling, and thoughtful reflection on the role of volunteerism and activism in contemporary times. Moving well beyond trite essentialist views of Japanese society, the author mobilizes her in-depth embeddedness in Japanese culture with her capacity to bring insider-outsider positioning to provide “glocal” solutions that are principled, culturally agile and effective for those in need. Failing forward with humility and working with collaborators on all sides, the strategies shared positioned Place to Grow as a pivotal space of inclusion, togetherness, and empowerment for the volunteers, just as much as for the individuals rebuilding their communities in Tohoku. A call to action to get involved and implicate oneself in the freedom of others (and ultimately oneself) through volunteering, activism, and other forms of democratic community caregiving, whatever might be meaningful to each of us. The point is that it is a pursuit worth starting NOW. Indeed, the first principle sums up the book’s most important takeaway beautifully: “You matter when you choose to.”

Dr. Jackie F. Steele (PhD, University of Ottawa) is a trilingual political scientist and longtime (1997) Japan resident with expertise in diversity integration, women’s empowerment, and inclusive decision-making. 

become a leader

For this course I am inviting up to 20 aspiring business women and men to join me in building your own personalized roadmap.

And actually, this course is much more than just a class. It’s a tribe, a team, a community of leaders who will have exponential results because we have transparency, cross sector brainstorming and best practice sharing. 

Social impact is a highly complex and sophisticated subject with decades of myths to be debunked and plenty of naysayers ready to put you down or discredit and discourage you. A Tribe will not let you give up on yourself!


To ensure you can create your own road map in 8 weeks, there are 3 traits I will need you to be willing to cultivate: 

  • Ambition – How good are you willing to let it get??
  • Open mind – beliefs create and beliefs destroy, so you better know which beliefs are driving you!
  • Work smarter not harder – there is no one fits all formula for this. You need to know your style to achieve this balance.

So if you…

  • Don’t care about living a truly fulfilled and GREAT life
  • Don’t want to risk starting small 
  • Don’t care about making an impact in your world 

Then please do not apply for a seat in the course because honestly it’s probably not going to be a perfect fit for you. We want to provide this content to those who are ready and excited about becoming a leader in social impact. 

But if this does speak to you, if you ARE ready to move into business, be financially successful, while you change the world. Why not join me and a tribe of like-minded in this course for aspiring corporate and social impact leaders.  Sign up Here and Now!


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